Are you a busy working woman stuck in survival mode?

Does the constant battle of juggling work, family and life in general is leaving you feeling like you’re doing everything and none of it well.

Well you’re not alone!

This is the class for you. If you are ready to find more time for you and feel like you can turn up for your family with more energy then JOIN US.

During this free 90 minute masterclass we will cover: 

  • The four elements of holistic wellness and how they can help you make more time for you
  • How cyclic living influences our physical wellbeing
    How to take control of your thoughts and stop telling yourself stories that keep you busy doing all the things to improve your mental wellbeing
  • How to identify where your emotions are coming from and how to help them flow through you to support your emotional wellbeing
  • How to reconnect to your intuition for spiritual wellness 


Hosted by Awakening the Wise Woman co-founders, Empowerment Coach Ellie Bell and Spiritual Mentor Erin Hodgson

Space is limited. Reserve your spot now.