Are you really living the life you dreamed of?

We help women to believe they are enough so they can tap into their potential, be more present, and engage with life more fully.

Stop saying yes to things that don’t light you up, set boundaries, have unshakable confidence, and be the role model you wish you had.

Say yes to your limitless potential


We work with women who are fed up with staying stuck and small and are ready to say YES to change.

We know that you have been told that you have to be a good girl, stay quiet, fit in, and do what everyone else expects you to do… and that can feel deeply unfulfilling.

What if there was a way for you to stop putting everyone else first, carrying the mental load, feeling guilt and shame about who you are, and being resentful about the life you have?

Laura - Cornwall, UK

I have transformed in so many amazing ways, one of the main ones has been to recognise when I am struggling and seek support, and learning that this isn't a sign of weakness. I can now trust that I have the power to change things and that the universe will support me. I feel calmer and notice the joy in the smaller things and I understand the tools I can use when I need them

Working with you both to uncover old beliefs that weren't mine but passed down from my lineage, this has allowed me to forgive and rewrite my beliefs which has given me a much better understanding of some of the things that happened previously and the patterns in our relationship and has provided strength in mine and my mums relationship.

 Ellie and Erin have held my hand (virtually) to encourage me to explore things that I would never thought I would  feel comfortable to do, they seem to have the right amount of encouragement and always seem to message me to check in when I most need it! I love having them to work through scenarios with and love the mixture of self exploration and healing work that I get to embark on whilst keeping things real and with no judgement.

Anyone reading this….Be brave and take the first step and book a call you won't regret it.  I was so nervous about starting working with Ellie and Erin now I can't imagine not working with them.


Do you notice:

Who We Work With - Awakening the Wise Woman

Yourself constantly comparing yourself to others? Seeing everyone around you as better mums, partners, wives, colleagues, friends, than you can ever hope to be?

Who We Work With - Awakening the Wise Woman

That there have been times when you have been afraid to stand up for and say what you really believe, whether that’s your thoughts in a PTA meeting or parenting suggestions from your in-laws. You are worried that people might judge you, laugh at you, or simply ignore you.

Who We Work With - Awakening the Wise Woman

Yourself spending all day doing what has to be done… The before-school madness turns into the 9-5 doing-as-you’re-told, then moves into the post-school/work dinner and bedtime whirlwind, all the while feeling guilty that you’re secretly wishing you could sneak away for an hour of “me time.”

Who We Work With - Awakening the Wise Woman

Times that you have set a clear boundary you felt good about, then immediately found yourself backing away from it the moment it was challenged. You end up saying yes to everything and feeling resentment towards everyone who is getting more of you than your loved ones and yourself?

Who We Work With - Awakening the Wise Woman

Yourself doing everything for everyone else in your life, even when you are completely exhausted or unwell, and the thought of asking for help makes you feel so anxious you don’t even consider it anymore.

Who We Work With - Awakening the Wise Woman

That you’re starting to notice that the words coming out of your mouth sound a lot like your mother/father/teacher, and maybe they don’t feel quite as true for you as they used to.

We know that you have tried to do things differently, but there is never a change that sticks. If you’re ready to find a way to make lasting change, you’re in the right place.

I want this now


We are a control freak and a people pleaser who have both carried shame, guilt, blame, grief, and frustration at various times of our lives.

We both grew up in nuclear households, and the conditioning we were raised within shaped who we became, but we recognise that isn’t who we really are.

We were raised to be good girls; to sit down, stay quiet, behave ourselves, and fit in.

We have spent years unlearning, deconditioning, healing, and connecting with how we want to be, and gathering the tools and resources necessary to make the changes we wanted for ourselves.

Ellie provides coaching and mentorship that works with the way we think and how we behave. She can help you understand why you do things the way you do, and where to focus when you want things to be different.

Erin provides spiritual mentorship and healing that works with the way we are and how we engage with the world. She can help you see where you are carrying energy and trauma that doesn’t serve you, and work through releasing that so you can move forward.

Nicola - Lincoln, NZ

Working with Ellie and Erin has really helped me understand myself so much more.  I now understand my core values, and set boundaries that reflect my values. Learning how to hold my values while working in a hierarchical organisation has been incredibly rewarding,  I can now understand when and why situations that don't sit right with me, and then  acknowledge and work through the feelings of frustration and worthlessness quickly and rationally and leave them behind to focus on much more joyful things.  

There are times when doing ‘the work’   is hard, it can be confronting, scary and really uncomfortable - but throughout all the sessions I have done, I have always felt loved and supported, and the sense of achievement coming out the other end is astonishing.



Together we create bespoke 1:1 programs for women who are ready to explore who they really are, what is possible for them, and how to be the woman they want to be. Our packages include coaching, healing, mentorship, or a combination of these.


What would it be like if you put yourself first without question? How would it feel to fully know, like and trust yourself? Coaching provides the opportunity to understand who you really are and how you would like to live and create a pathway towards it.



Every belief, behaviour, and experience we carry throughout our lives has energy attached to it. Learning to release that energy, connect with your intuition, and trust your spiritual guidance allows you to engage with the world with more clarity, confidence, and courage.


Kari - Melbourne

Working with Ellie and Erin has given me more confidence within myself, to be more accepting and able to allow things to happen instead of always pushing. I have become more conscious of my power and to use it.

The space they provide is safe, relaxed and pushed me when I needed it. I love that I was held accountable to come up with my own idea which is what I was looking for in a coach.



Step 1

Get on a call with the mentor
who makes sense for you

Step 2

We create a bespoke program
for you that maps out your
journey forward

Step 3

We work together for at least
3 months

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