Awakening The Wise Woman

Awakening the Wise Woman is a collaboration between two women who have a desire to collectively provide compassionate leadership, an inclusive sisterhood and space for women to explore and expand their sense of self.

As a qualified empowerment coach, Ellie knows how important it is for women to have space to examine belief systems and the stories we tell ourselves, to understand themselves better, and in turn heal the wounds of the past so that they may break the cycles that have held them back. With vast experience running online group coaching programs, Ellie has the skills and experience necessary to support women through their spiritual awakening and healing. 

Bringing a completely different set of skills and experiences to the work, Erin’s contribution is deeply rooted in energetic and spiritual well-being. Recognising that generational trauma and patriarchal society represent major barriers to the collective rising of women, Erin focuses on exploring who we are at a deep soul level, how we connect to the physical world and engage with the spiritual realm, in order to be the most authentic and powerful version of ourselves possible.

Meet Your Mentors

Ellie Bell

Ellie Bell

Ellie Bell is a certified life coach who uses her intuition to empower and support women to build unshakable confidence in themselves.

She works with successful heart-centered women to navigate their journey of self-discovery; her approach incorporates her coachability, shadow work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other healing modalities.

She believes that in order to find wholeness, there needs to be an acknowledgment of the parts of us that are not deemed acceptable by society; there needs to be a willingness to uncover the wounds and scars we gain during life; to understand the impact they have on our sense of being, and the opportunities that open up when you're ready to up-level your life.

Ellie works with clients to help them stop looking for external validation and understand that they have all they need within themselves.

Ellie had a successful career in sports administration for over 12 years which included roles such as head of marketing and comms and event director at Cricket World Cup. She's originally from the UK and moved to New Zealand in 2013 for her role with CWC15 where she met her now-husband. Much of the work she does today is inspired by her wish to create a better world for her two daughters.

Speaking topic examples

  • How to thrive not just survive in a male-dominated world
  • The importance of knowing your core values
  • How society shapes who we are
  • Shadow work and radical self-acceptance
  • The healing power of understanding old wounds
Erin Hodgson

Erin Hodgson

For almost 38 years of my life, I had little awareness of the importance of spirituality, engaging with the natural world, and embracing the feminine and elemental energies inside me.

At 38, my spiritual awakening was long overdue, yet very unexpected. Until that point, I believed that intellect, action, and power were the keys to success. I had spent years striving, failing, pushing for more, and finding myself increasingly unsatisfied by any of it.

When I discovered the power of understanding that I am a spiritual being, having a human experience and that everything is energy, I began to realise just how little I actually knew of myself and who I am at my core.

The more I delved into that awareness and started to explore what it looked like for me, the more I felt a growing sense of ease and calm, at a deep soul level. I began to connect with my intuition, with spirit, with the energies that allow me to co-create a different reality for myself.I learned about healing through working with ancestors, past lives, akashic records, body testing, and more. I learned how to expand and grow through embracing my connection to natural cycles, the four elements of fire, earth, air, and water, and the sacred feminine.

While learning more about who I am, as a spiritual being, I have spent hours unpacking my belief systems, the learned behaviours and programs that come from generations of women being undervalued and held back, from a society that heavily favours the masculine, from oppressive systems designed by men to ensure a society that thrives upon power, inequality, and competition.

As I navigated the necessary healing and releasing of some of those wounds, I found myself in a position of true power, internal power, with the capacity to share my new truth with others and, in turn, encourage them to engage their curiosity and find their own truth.

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