If you know your inner wise woman is awakening, it’s no accident your intuition has led you here.


From the moment we met, the wise women within us knew that we were supposed to do this together.

We each, independently, had come to the realisation that every moment in our lives had been in preparation for this awakening. For the rise of the wise woman inside us, the deep knowing we are here for more, and a growing understanding that more means bigger, braver, bolder than we could ever have imagined.

As a qualified empowerment coach, Ellie knows how important it is for women to have space to examine belief systems and the stories we tell ourselves, to understand themselves better, and in turn heal the wounds of the past so that they may break the cycles that have held them back. With vast experience running online group coaching programs, Ellie has the skills and experience necessary to support women through their spiritual awakening and healing. To learn more click here.

Bringing a completely different set of skills and experiences to the work, Erin’s contribution is deeply rooted in energetic and spiritual well-being. Recognising that generational trauma and patriarchal society represent major barriers to the collective rising of women, Erin focuses on exploring who we are at a deep soul level, how we connect to the physical world and engage with the spiritual realm, in order to be the most authentic and powerful version of ourselves possible. To learn more click here.


Empowerment of Women

​​We believe that an empowered woman is the key to creating the change future generations need. 

There is a collective rising happening. As we break the chain and continue the work of our mothers and grandmothers, we are stepping into our authentic power. We stop worrying about being a good girl and likeable and start to stand up for what we believe, speak up when necessary, and own our potential. This enables us to lead by example so that others around us can find their empowerment within.

Importance of embracing all of ourselves

Understanding that we are influenced by both our human experiences and our energetic expression allows us to connect with all parts of ourselves, and live a more full, authentic life.

For every belief, emotion, or thought we have, there is an energetic imprint that corresponds. These energetic imprints may come from ancestral connections, past lives, or from experiences inside this human life, but all of them will influence how we make decisions, see ourselves in the world, and relate to others, so it is important we embody and work with all of who we are.

Awakened leadership

Awakened leadership encourages awareness and understanding of both empowered feminine and masculine traits and places equal importance on the positive expression of both.

We are living at a time where it’s imperative we step out of our wounded energies and find a balance between compassion, intuition, and collaboration with confidence, authority, and action, so that we can be the leaders that the world needs.

Connectedness of who we are in the universe

Living a life fully in alignment with our experience as a spiritual being having a human experience requires us to connect with the universal energies that surround us.

Recognising the influence of natural cycles, physical and elemental energies, Spirit, and what has come before this lifetime empowers us to deepen our connection with who we truly are, and the part we play in the Universe at large.

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