Weekly Oracle Guidance - 30th May 2022

leadership oracle cards May 30, 2022

The collective card for this week comes from the Native Spirit Oracle deck by Denise Linn.


It's time to step into your leadership and stand up for what you believe!

Elders have long been looked to for guidance, leadership, and wisdom. When this card shows up, you are being called to step into your leadership and let your truth be heard.

Whatever wisdom is rising within you, you are here to teach others and become a light for others to follow. While this may feel like a lonely task, know that a true leader doesn't ever leave their herd, rather, like the stag, they will stand out and be seen, but also remain a vital part of the collective.

While you may feel some fear as you step into the light, trust that you are making a stand for what is truly important, and you can have confidence in your own power, as you are deeply supported by the Universe.


If you know that you are here to step into a leadership role and stand up for what is important to you, but aren't sure how to get started, book an exploration call with us to talk about your first steps.

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