Are you looking for your Purpose - in all the wrong places?

feminine energy intention purpose May 26, 2022

One of the very first questions my first ever coach asked me was, "What is your purpose?" At the time, I had no idea what to say, and felt quite embarrassed that I didn't really know what my purpose was. It wasn't long after that conversation that I realised two things: That coach was not the right coach for me, and there's no such thing as having "a purpose." 

For some time now, mainstream spiritualists have talked about purpose as though it is some kind of holy grail - find it, and you have the keys to the kingdom. But actually, the whole concept is deeply flawed, and almost gaslighting in some ways.

Thing is, if we all have "a purpose" and you can't identify what yours is, the only thing that does is creates space for you to sit in a sense of lack, and worse... a sense of unworthiness. And what happens when you find your purpose, go all in on that path, then realise that actually, you're a woman with many passions and paths you wish to explore, and following that purpose doesn't light you up the way you want it to?

When we come to this human experience, it is all intentional. We are intentional. As we make the decision to incarnate, we form agreements with ourselves, and the universe, around what we are here to learn, heal, and expand for ourselves. We might come with a sense of purpose, but it is neither singular nor all-encompassing.

Instead, we come to this life with a need to be purposeful in what we do, and in how we are in the world. Living a purposeful life, a life that is intentional and aligned with our core values, is the best way for us to achieve a sense of being right with ourselves, and right with the world. Purposefulness is about honouring ourselves at every opportunity, which allows us to show up from a place of power. 

Chasing a sense of purpose lends us to live deeply in the masculine energy, striving for something and focused on what we are doing in the world. Living purposefully allows us the opportunity to step back from that masculine energy a little, and ask, "How am I being in this moment?" Bringing forward that feminine energy creates a sense of openness, creativity, and connectedness that both raises your vibration and embraces the cyclic nature of our human existence.

Being purposeful invites us to be visionaries, to set intentions that are aligned with our core values, commit to both learning and healing, and to rest and reflect as we need. Living a purposeful life allows us to co-create with the universe, and to progress our soul's journey as we navigate this human life.

In that respect, perhaps being purposeful is our true purpose.


Photo by Melinda Gimpel on Unsplash

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