Weekly Oracle Guidance - 16th May 2022

awakening oracle cards May 16, 2022

The card that I've pulled for intuitive guidance this week is Brigid - Creative Spark and is from the Goddess Power Oracle Card by Colette Baron-Reid.


Interestingly this card came out upside down and in these particular cards there is a quite specific message depending on whether they're upside down or the right way up.


Being pulled upside down means it's an alignment message. This is a strong and meaningful message that is meant to help us for our highest good and often these show up if you're feeling a little bit out of alignment or you just need a bit of a push in the right direction.


The message from Brigid this week is an alignment message relating to your creative spark.


Sometimes when we feel like we're a bit stuck, we know we want to be moving forward. Whether this is creatively or just in life, we struggle to know what path to take, we're stuck in the mud and don't really know where we're meant to be going.


We can't move in any direction because nothing quite feels right. If you're struggling to know what the next step in a project or even the next step with life is, then this is a card asking you to move your attention away from the thing that is making you feel stuck and step back into your inner child and/or your creative side.


It’s time to connect to the part of you that as a child didn't mind getting messy, didn't mind things being all mixed and muddled up. Focus on the things that moved, inspired, and lit you up as a child.


Playful curiosity is what you're looking for now. So that you can take your focus away from what it is you've been really trying to find answers to and allow yourself the space to think about other things.


When we do this, we often find the answers will pop into our head without even asking for them.


Have a think about what activities you could do that will switch off enough of your thinking brain so that your subconscious and your unconscious mind can let the messages that you need come forward.


You have everything within you; you have all the answers that you need. It’s just sometimes they get a bit covered up with the need to strive and move forward quickly and know exactly what the result looks like.


This week, don't try so hard, relax and enjoy. Get out some pens and pencils and just doodle away. If you enjoy painting, do some painting anything that ignites your creative spark.


Once you connect with your inner creative this week you'll soon find yourself moving forward in whichever direction is right for you and that feeling of being stuck will go away.


Card Deck: Goddess Power Oracle

Illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia

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