Courage in the Face of Change

change courage empowerment Mar 28, 2022

Change is hard.

By very definition, change is an act or process through which something becomes different, and different can be desireable and terrifying all at once. As humans, we aren't really designed to seek out change, because our brains are conditioned to seek out safety and familiarity. Change doesn't usually feel safe, or familiar, and that makes it hard.

Sometimes, though, change is forced upon us by the Universe. Whether there is a shift we have been resisting making that is suddenly completely necessary, or there is just an underlying feeling of discontent that is becoming harder and harder to ignore, when the Universe comes calling, we eventually have no choice but to answer. 

You may have heard the "feather, brick, truck" analogy we use.

The Universe provides us with little nudges initially, feather-light signs that there is something we need to address. Continue to ignore those feathers, and along comes a brick. That brick is a much more stark indicator that there is something misaligned in our lives, something that requires our attention in the immediate future. 

When we don't heed the brick? BAM. Hit by the truck. Mental breakdown, physical illness, financial stress, emotional overwhelm - whatever the truck manifests itself as in your life, when it arrives, you will know about it in a big way.

Those feathers and bricks though, they can bring up very real feelings of fear. Fear of failure. Rejection. The unknown. Being seen. Being wrong. Not being good enough. Success.

Whatever the fear that rises within, we have a conscious choice to make about our next move. We can allow that fear to trigger us into woundedness, or activate us into sacred power.

Being faced with change can feel like a big, all consuming kind of thing. When we allow ourselves to be triggered into woundedness by our fear, we stay stuck in where we are, we give our power away to the situation or person demanding the change, and we end up feeling disempowered, frustrated, and fearful.

That is a choice many of us make. In fact, almost everyone has made a choice to take the path of least resistance and stay where we are rather than face making real change.

Choosing activation, maintaining your power, choosing to feel the fear rising and allow that fear to be less than the desire and motivation for change, is the only way forward that ensures those feathers and bricks don't become life-altering trucks.

Courage in the face of change comes in many forms, and from many places, but ultimately courage is necessary in order to move past where you are right now. Next time you get that nudge from the Universe that something isn't serving you, whether it's a feather or a brick, choose courage.

Fear the pathway to change less than the truck that will inevitably come for you, and step into your power to make a different choice.

Change is always going to happen. Choose courage - you're more powerful than you can imagine.



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