Embrace The ‘Woo’

love yourself self-love wise woman woman empowerment Dec 27, 2021

Knowing who you really are, and showing up like the real you to other people, feel like they should be the same thing and yet I know from personal experience that this isn’t the case.


It’s easier to keep yourself little, don’t say anything controversial, don’t say anything of consequence in case you offend someone. Certainly don’t speak about your spiritual side in case people think you’re a weirdo!!

When you keep hiding parts of you that you think others may judge you for it’s like switching off a light that makes you sparkle, you become a duller version of yourself.

Yeah, you may not offend anyone but you also haven’t likely inspired anyone.

Some people think it’s ok to stay small, that other people’s opinions matter more than you… to these people, I say NO

We have to be brave, we have to show our light so we can draw the people that need to hear our message to us.

Before writing this post I drew a card from my favourite pack of oracle cards, the card that jumped out for me was the Stag, his message was very clear "Come alive and thrive, stand in your light and glory with grace and majesty”

Not only do I know that this message is one that I needed to hear but I also know that others reading this post will really resonate with it….. If that’s you get in touch and I’ll share the rest of the message.

A little known fact about me is my love of all things a bit ‘woo’. I regularly use oracle cards to help me ponder a thought, support a client or get some clarity. I have a home full of crystals, in fact I’m actually a qualified Crystal Healer, I believe in spirit guides, angels, your higher self and totem animals. 

This is me, standing in the light and glory with grace and majesty sharing my truth with you, something I have previously shied away from.

If you want to learn more about how the ‘woo’ helps me come and join our Facebook group where I’ll be offering an oracle card draw to anyone who requests it.

Standing strong in your own light can feel scary and daunting but when those feelings of fear raise their ugly heads just think about whether you want to stay in the dark or shine your light for all to see.

P.s If you’re serious about wanting to sparkle make sure you join our Facebook group.

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