Love letter from an Ancestral Healer

ancestral work healing Jun 09, 2022

You are not defined by the women who come before you, but they do influence who you can become.

Do the work to break the cycles they have passed to you.

The women who came before you all had dreams that went unspoken. They all had potential that wasn’t lived. Gifts that weren’t fully shared with the world.

Living a life unfulfilled brings trauma with it. Shame. Guilt. Heavy burdens that are carried for lifetimes.

Passed from generation to generation.

Yes, we can be passed beautiful things from these women. We can share their looks, their gifts, their passions, their talents… all of which should be celebrated.

But we can also be passed their traumas. Their burdens, the things that held them back, that wounded them, that dimmed their light.

When we recognise in ourselves these traumas and burdens, these cycles that play out in our lives and the lives of our mothers, our grandmothers, and their mothers before them…

It is our responsibility to break those cycles.

If we don’t, then we become part of that chain that passes all of those things to the next generation.

When we step up, love ourselves and our foremothers wholeheartedly, and do the work to heal our lineage, we give ourselves the gift of freedom.

We can redefine who we are and how we show up in the world.

First, we have to do the work.


I see you doing the work.

The inner work.

The work that says you are committed to being different. To being better. To becoming the best version of you.

I see you doing the work to heal yourself. To release what isn’t serving you. To grow. To expand.

I want you to know that you are seen, not just for everything you are right now, but for everything you have the potential to be.

I want you to know that the work you are doing, the work that is necessary for you to do, is not all your own.

When you do that deep inner work, that healing and growing and releasing and changing… you are doing that work on behalf of all of those who came before you, and all of those yet to come.

You are doing the work your ancestors weren’t able to do.

You are doing the work so your descendants don’t have to.

You are doing the work that will break cycles, heal ancestral traumas, and will allow for more beauty and abundance to be created in generations to come.

You are doing the work that allows your ancestors to be healed so that they may have peace and become vibrant and loving supporters of their beloved living.

You are doing the work that shows your ancestors that you are dedicated to being the best version of yourself, and that you are grateful for the support and guidance of your beloved dead.

You are doing the work on a deep, soul level that allows you to learn and grow, to heal and let go, to create and ascend.

I see you doing the work.

The necessary work.

And I am right there with you.

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