The Future of Leadership is Feminine

feminine energy feminine power leadership Jul 06, 2022

The concept of feminine leadership, as opposed to masculine or traditional leadership, is relatively new. Leading from feminine energy is actually a powerful way to collaborate, and empower the collective. Traditionally, leadership is a very masculine construct, with someone being out in front, so there's a hierarchy. It's about being driven forward and really striving - that really masculine energy. Leading from a feminine energy has been seen as weak, unproductive, and often undesireable. 

The whole concept of leadership, as it is widely accepted, is that there is a person standing above everybody else and leading, whether it's leading into battle, leading an organisation, whatever it is. It's that one person who's got the responsibility, and once you start going down that path, you can't stop and turn around. Indecision or changing your mind is seen as a sign of weakness. 

That's something that's taken us into some really bad places, as a global society. There is this idea that if you change your mind, it means that you didn't get it right in the first place. That whole need to be perfect and get it right the first time is so dangerous. If we can't allow any room for change, look at the information and come up with a different answer, then what does that actually mean? 

It comes back to that concept of what masculinity should look like, and what femininity should look like. One is painted as strong and powerful, and the other is painted as being weak and vulnerable. The masculine leadership model, being out in front, not changing course and admitting that maybe something isn't working the way that you thought it would, is that all encompassing “power at all costs” kind of mentality. 

As a society, we're getting better at understanding that, actually, vulnerability and the ability to admit that maybe you don't have all the answers is not a weakness, but a strength. The more that comes through, the more we will see feminine leadership come forward.

In terms of leadership, what's interesting is that feminine energy is very much that creative space, that space of co-creation, of being rather than doing. As a society, we don't love being rather than doing. The patriarchy has set things up so that doing is the end goal, basically, and the measure of success is what you have done with your life, not what you have been in your life.

When we come to leadership, we tend to place a lot more emphasis on what you have done to deserve being there. What you have done in your career, to rise to the top and become the CEO or whatever, rather than who you have been and what have you created. 

We are starting to see a shift in that. With that shift comes a need to find a space for women to actually have the conversations, and to build that support network. To be able to learn to challenge, to question, to be interested in different ways of doing things. That is the way that we're going to make that change. 

Feminine leadership is a shift in the paradigm from focusing on a single source of truth to a collaborative approach where everyone brings their best to the table and there is open, honest discourse about how we want to be, what we want to do, and how we can create a pathway to success where everyone wins.

That requires everyone, women and men alike, to be braver about how they show up in the world, and bolder about sharing their truth, their wisdom, and their ideas. This can be especially uncomfortable for women who are conditioned to stay quiet, be the good girl, and do what is expected of them.

If there are women who don't necessarily know how to show up as their bravest self yet, it doesn't mean that they're not going to be able to in the future. As we start to have more conversations like this, we start to uncover more pathways toward empowerment for ourselves and each other. We begin to let go of the fear that has been guiding our decisions to stay small, and start to be bolder about stepping into opportunities that align with our core values.

Being bold and brave, and bringing feminine energy forward in your leadership, is an empowering way to show up in the world. If this is something you know you want to embrace, but aren't sure where to start, book a call with Ellie to discuss your situation.

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