The Importance Of Self-Acceptance

self-acceptance self-love wise woman Jan 03, 2022
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Time to say “I love you” and really mean it –  the importance of self-acceptance 


Hands up if you can genuinely say you like yourself even love yourself?

To be able to stand the look in a mirror and say, “Yep, you are amazing”?

For us, it has taken a journey to do this.

We didn’t even realise that we didn’t like ourselves; we just knew the feeling of disappointment we had within was real and that it stopped us from taking opportunities and risks.

We realised now we never did anything we could seriously fail out because we were so scared of what might happen. And yet we look at the decisions we made at the time and so often that came from a place of fear, a place of not wanting other people to see the real us.

It’s been a journey to get to the space where we can say we love ourselves.

There are days when we want to shout it from the roof and other days where it’s more of a whisper.

The difference now is that it’s coming from a place of acceptance, acceptance in who we are, acceptance in my past and what happened, and the realisation that we and only ourselves get to create our reality.

 Every experience of life, good and bad has brought you to this very moment, to who you are today.

 It is a testament to your inner strength and drive that you have dealt with all that you have.

 Each one of us has our crosses to bear events that we look back on with guilt shame and regret. The key to acceptance is being able to look from a place of love.

 What we find interesting on this journey of self-acceptance is that you uncover the big rocks relatively quickly once you decide to look, but it’s actually under the little ones that the real truth emerges.

 The big moments that shape your life come in with a crash and a bang; like moving to the other side of the world getting married and having children, these impacts and change you.

 But it’s the things that happened 10, 20 years ago, a 10-minute blip, a decision made, a comment said that actually creates the lasting damage that takes time to understand and resolve.

We do a great job of hiding our truth even from ourselves.

The fear of looking into the dark parts of our mind, what we might find, nine times out of 10 will stop us.

But when you trust that in the darkness you’ll find the light you need. It is a chance to forgive and accept and move closer to your true self.

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