Time For A Change For Women!!

feminine power wise woman woman empowerment Jan 17, 2022

I’ve been doing quite a lot of perusing LinkedIn this week looking at all the great content around International Woman’s Day and it got me thinking how slowly things change for women. When will it be our turn to live our best life?

Struggles for Women

Women are facing the same struggles worldwide, globally they do 75% of all unpaid care work and at the same time trying to fit in career. it’s not surprising that there is an overwhelming feeling of over worked and underpaid.

It feels like we made a deal with the devil, let us go back to work, have careers, own our identity… please, we promise it won’t affect our other responsibilities!!

The fact that men have allowed this to continue is a devastating reality, that really they want us to stay hidden and not rise into our power (disclaimer – not all men). We are expected to be great mums, passionate lovers, work in fulfilling careers, keep a nice tidy house, cook healthy yet delicious dinners, ensure the kids are well looked after, the dog has been wormed all whilst looking great – I mean even just writing this list I’m like where the fuck are we meant to find time for us??? It’s time to make change for women!

No Time to Think

And that’s the problem, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to achieve everything we expect, and allow others to expect of us. We need to stand up and say NO, it’s time to put us first otherwise everyone close to us will suffer.

If you feel like you are running on empty, and I don’t just mean a bit tired, I’m talking empty of passion, empty of joy, empty of self love then it’s time to make a change. 

Otherwise you will wake up one day and life will have passed you by. The opportunity to make changes; to be a role model to your kids, to have a career that excites you daily, to setup a business that means you can have flexibility around you family will be gone; will be too late.

How to Change

It’s time to identify how you can reclaim your life without the guilt of putting some of the balls you’re carrying down and do something for you. Let’s shake off the cloak of shame and guilt that we are wearing to mask our inner desires of being our own person, and step into living a life we truely want and totally deserve.

One step at a time is how to make a start, make a decision that you want change, read about women that inspire you, books that interest you, watch TED talks about subjects that fascinate you. Set aside 10 minutes a day to begin with to have space to think about what you want your life to look like, all it takes is the intention for things to start changing.

Are you ready to experience meaningful success, expansive abundance, and authentic joy?

Women are awakening to their inner wisdom and the need to live in alignment with their truth so we understand that it might be confusing and hard.

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