Weekly Oracle Guidance - 11th July 2022

oracle cards Jul 11, 2022

This weeks oracle guidance come from Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray, artwork by Lily Moses.

Hunter - Track down your fears and desires

It's time to take some time to check in with what you really desire and what fears might be holding you back.

Fears have a way of hunting us down, even when we don't actively think about them, they are there, waiting, watching, taking notice of every move we make so they can jump at the opportunity to catch us and hold us where we are.

This card is giving you the strength to remember that you are not here to hide, to stay quiet and small, to live in the shadows. You are here to live to your fullest potential but this can only be done when you step up and start to focus on what you really desire your life to look like.

Use this opportunity to face an aspect of yourself that you may have kept hidden and know that you have the strength to get through anything.

Are you ready to experience meaningful success, expansive abundance, and authentic joy?

Women are awakening to their inner wisdom and the need to live in alignment with their truth so we understand that it might be confusing and hard.

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