Weekly Oracle Guidance - 13th June 2022

oracle cards Jun 13, 2022

This weeks oracle guidance come from Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray, artwork by Lily Moses.

The Lady - Enjoy Growth and Reap Rewards

The card pulled today is the Lady and her message is to enjoy growth and reap the rewards. This is a beautiful message and one that encourages you to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labour, it’s about being able to take the time to look at what you’ve achieved, look at the work that you’ve done and take notice of what's starting to come to fruition.

The lady is a representation of the Goddess in her most fertile form, she’s abundant and bountiful, creative and closely connected to nature. She represents maternal energy so the extended message from this card is fertility, growth and abundance are all imminent when the lady arrives in your life. All the seeds you've planted are coming to life and there are plenty more rewards to come. This card can suggest that financial security is on its way and that business is going to be stable with financial growth.

It's time to expect really good things to come to you,  it’s a beautiful message and an energy to embrace, because the more we in the energy of abundance, the more that will come to us.

Are you ready to experience meaningful success, expansive abundance, and authentic joy?

Women are awakening to their inner wisdom and the need to live in alignment with their truth so we understand that it might be confusing and hard.

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