Weekly Oracle Guidance - 27th May 2022

Jun 27, 2022

This week’s guidance includes two cards from a beautiful new set kindly sent by my fabulous business partner called Winterseer Animal Companion by Siolo Thompson.


First out is the card Dog, the message from this card is all about loyalty, protection, companionship and guidance. This is a helpful card if we are navigating some challenges in relationships with others, it calls us to find ways to be of service and to give our loyalty and love to those who deserve it. Take a moment to check in with your affections and make sure they are well placed and reciprocated. The Dog also reminds us to seek help when needed and to value companionship from others.


The second card is ‘Dove’ which seems perfect for the current situation in the world. It is one of goodwill, helpfulness and love, it reminds us to focus on what we love and channel our energy in that direction. In difficult times this card can remind you of relationships that you can draw strength or comfort from. Honour feelings of love and care, and focus your good intentions, even if you feel inadequate or unsure of how to help.


Sending you all love and light x

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