Weekly Oracle Guidance - 4th July 2022

oracle cards Jul 04, 2022

The guidance this week comes from Yasmin Boland's Moonology Manifestation Oracle deck.

The first card - Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio - Reveal What Needs To Be Seen.

This card tells us that there may be an issue right now in your life that you don't want to talk about, for whatever reason, and that is okay. You only need to reveal what you wish to be seen - you don't have to bare all in order to get what you want. In fact, when you no longer feel the need to tell everyone what you are manifesting, you are ready to start manifesting it! 

The second card - Full Moon in Taurus - Detoxify

You are being called to detox to bring yourself back to a sense of rightness with the world, and yourself. Perhaps your head hasn't been in a good space? Whatever has been on your mind, it is time to clear out any drama, struggle, or stubbornness, and allow yourself a spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical detox to create balance - balance between what your heart wants, and what the practical next step is.

As we begin a new month, and the second half of 2022, we are being called to take intentional action, and to be mindful that we always get to choose - what we share, what we carry, and how we engage with the world.

What choices are you making for yourself this week?

Are you ready to experience meaningful success, expansive abundance, and authentic joy?

Women are awakening to their inner wisdom and the need to live in alignment with their truth so we understand that it might be confusing and hard.

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