Weekly Oracle Guidance - 6th June 2022

ancestor spirit oracle cards Jun 06, 2022

This week's oracle guidance comes from the Ancestor Spirit oracle deck by Jade-Sky.


Relax, let go, and go with the flow. You don't need to control a situation, know everything that is going to happen, or plan everything in advance. Time out is just as important as time doing. So, don't feel guilty about gifting yourself some relaxation. When you go with the flow, you can manifest more quickly and easily.

When you try to force a situation, it can block the natural flow. Take time our to relax and gather your thoughts. Once you have loosened up, release any fears or self doubt. Trust in the Universe and see where it directs you.

To help you relax and go with the flow, imagine healing white light flowing through every part of your body, just as water flows in a river. When you are ready, affirm that the Universe is taking care of everything.

Take a deep breath and relax.

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