What Is True Feminine Power?

feminine power wise woman woman empowerment Jan 24, 2022
Feminine Power

I feel really lucky in the last few days to actually come across some fabulous women who have really taken the time to embrace their feminine power, and actually step into their real truth.

This is something that I feel is so important, particularly at this current time. It’s so easy to get bogged down with the bullshit of the day to day. You read about all the negativity, you hear about how dreadful the world is, you hear about all these horrible stories about what’s going on.

And yet, actually what we need to be doing is really focusing on some good focusing on what we can do to change.

And I really feel that as women we have a responsibility at the moment to step into our feminine power and to be able to show what we can do as a collective when we work together, because for so long we’ve been divided, it’s now time to really join forces. And as a whole lift the world up.

There are many women in very senior roles, quite often working in very male dominated workforces where they have to let go of who they truly.  They keep moving further away from their true soul, because they’re constantly being held up to higher standards, have higher expectations put on them and more rules to follow and stick to… all in it it’s much harder for women working.

I’ve been finding when talking to women is that they’re feeling less and less connected with who they really are feeling like they have to put on this front, a mask, a tough outer layer, in order to get stuff done.

And what I really want to talk about is actually how can we use our feminine life force to make the changes that need to happen, so that we can actually do this in alignment with who we really are.

I really want to encourage you to really connect with what matters to you really take some time out to understand what it is.

Who are you at your core? So this can start off with very top level elements, I’ll use myself as an example, my name is Ellie. I, I’m a mother, I’m a wife, I’m a sister, I’m a daughter. I’m a life coach. I’m an expat living in New Zealand, lots of very descriptive yet unimportant words when I’m trying to connect with who I really am,

Who am I behind the titles and the basic words, who is my soul? What matters to my eternal being? How can I get closer to my source?

That’s what I really encourage you to do; actually, start to have a think about what are the things that really matter on an absolute base level in the deepest possible part of your soul.

Who are you really? because if you can start to connect with that with your true self daily. If you can start to leave behind the conflicts, you can start to find that inner peace and you’ll be able to attract more of that.

What this means is, whatever we put out to the universe, we get back, “Where focus goes energy flows.” If we can start to connect with and know who our true self is, then we can actually start to make sure that we show up as our true self and allow ourselves to walk our most authentic walk.

It means that we are showing the universe who we really are. And this gives us power. This gives us more power than we can have to put a mask on or try to be something that we’re not.

Are you ready to experience meaningful success, expansive abundance, and authentic joy?

Women are awakening to their inner wisdom and the need to live in alignment with their truth so we understand that it might be confusing and hard.

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