What Your Procrastination is Trying to Tell You

Jul 13, 2022

At one time or another, we have all avoided doing something we didn't want to do. For some of us, that is not our usual behaviour, but for others, this represents a pattern of behaviour that is actually trying to draw our attention to an underlying belief or feeling that is keeping us stuck.

Procrastination is a wounded feminine behaviour, rooted in feelings of fear, shame, and uncertainty. But what is it trying to tell us?

When we avoid taking action, or procrastinate, we are often keeping ourselves safe from feeling something undesirable. When there is an opportunity for us to feel inadequate, unworthy, inept, or disliked, we will often use procrastination as the method for protecting ourselves, not taking action in order to avoid the resultant unpleasant feelings.

Wounded feminine behaviours are those that hold us stuck, keep us small, and leave us feeling broken in some way. Feminine energy is all about creativity, openness, and connectedness, so going into the wounded feminine can sometimes feel good - spending all our time creating and formulating a concept, but never taking action and implementing the idea, as an example - or seem easy to justify. 

The problem with wounded feminine energy is that we can have great ideas, know exactly what we want to create and how, and never actually take the action necessary to make it happen. This could be because we are self-sabotaging, or running away, or it could be procrastination at work.

Procrastination as a behaviour isn't particularly useful when things need to be done. However, on another level, procrastination can be incredibly helpful.

When you find yourself procrastinating, it is an indication that you have been triggered into that wounded feminine energy, and it is highlighting for you an area that needs attention.

As an example, imagine that I put off writing this blog post until the very last moment possible. Some might say that is simply because I am a busy person, and didn't have time to sit and do it. Others might suggest that I needed to be inspired in order to write something so articulate.

Realistically though, the primary reason that I would ever put off writing a blog is fear. Fear that I might say something wrong. Fear that someone might not like what I have to say. Fear that I might leave a typo in it (yes, I am THAT critical of my own writing). And that fear manifests itself in procrastination.

The four loads of washed, dried, and folded laundry. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner I have cooked for my family already., despite it only being early afternoon. The stacking of firewood, the cleaning of a bathroom, and the scrolling of social media I actually have zero interest in.

ALL to avoid feeling the fear that comes with writing a blog.

The best possible way to move out of that wounded feminine energy, and stop procrastination in its tracks is to take action. 

That action doesn't necessarily have to be doing the thing you're avoiding, but that's usually a decent place to start. What you are looking to do is bring forward some awakened masculine energy. The doing and getting things done. Taking action and implementing. Organising, setting goals, problem solving, and setting boundaries.

If you find yourself with a procrastination problem, take a moment to sit down and work out exactly what it is that is at the root of it. Then, acknowledge that thing, but take action toward your goal anyway.

I know that writing a blog feels deeply vulnerable for me, and I will like try and avoid it. I also know that once I have a plan on how to write it, it feels much easier. And when I send a first draft to someone to read, it feels easier again. Then, when I write it all up, find an image that aligns, and get it scheduled, it's already done and I have hardly noticed the fear.

Procrastination is a sign that there is something underlying that you need to deal with. It's important to notice when it comes up, and when there are patterns of that behaviour, because in the long term, procrastination doesn't serve us particularly well.

If you struggle with procrastination, or find yourself avoiding doing something over and over again, book a call with us to chat about what your procrastination is trying to tell you, and how we can help you deal with it once and for all.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash  

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