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Ellie Bell - Self Worth Mentor and Empowerment Coach

I help women over 40 access their inner wisdom and self worth to be the woman they want to be for the people important to them.

I support them to uncover and embrace their whole self, release the mental load, let go of guilt and shame and stop trying to control the world or please everyone.

I need this now!!

Why I can help you...

As a 40 something mother of two daughters I'm no stranger to the constant battle of carrying the mental load, add to that a healthy dose of control issues with a side-helping of people pleasing, has given me plenty of experience of questioning my own self worth.

Being part of the Gen X generation I've been brought up and lived with huge amounts of societal conditioning which I've only really got my head around and in the last 5 years.

The belief systems I took on as my own were in actual fact the ideas and opinions of past generations still deeply held in the patriarchal ways of doing things and designed to hold women back... it's time for change!

As a coach and mentor I believe in the importance of exploration with compassion, not only for ourselves but also for the influencers in our lives.

Anna - Wellington, NZ

Working with Ellie 1:1 has not only guided me to define and believe in the life I want, and the person I want to be, but she has me taking action along the right path. I'm happier, healthier, far more focused and motivated than I've ever been.

I feel like I have my identity back again. I'm officially off the wobbly wagon and I have Ellie to thank for the huge part she has played in that change. I wouldn't trade the journey that Ellie has led me through for anything - it has been life changing



How coaching sessions can help:

Learn to identify and set healthy boundaries that you have total confidence in holding firm.

Tune into and learn to trust your intuition to build unshakable faith that you have the answers you need within, and to stop looking externally for validation.

Connect with and understand your feelings and emotions so you can learn to use them in a positive way to support your growth and day-to-day mental wellness.

Uncover your deep-rooted fears and shadow aspects in a safe and loving space so that you can start to release and heal them.

Dive into and explore your beliefs and conditioning that influence you and make a conscious choice to let go of the ones that don't serve you.

Feel confident in knowing and sharing what is true for you.

1-1 Coaching with me is for you if are ready to:

  • Stop trying to control the world around you
  • Reimagine the mental load
  • Let go of the need to please others
  • Access more fun
  • Start saying NO
  • Feel your feelings and emotions
  • Ready to change your leadership style

If you are looking for someone to walk alongside you on your journey of personal growth who will support you fully, treat you with respect and kindness, give you the push you will sometimes need and bring a good sense of humour to lighten the path when it feels dark, then I'm your person...


1. Book a call with me where we can chat about where you are and where you would like to be and how coaching might support you.

2. Create a bespoke coaching package to support your needs in total alignment with what you want to achieve.

3. Get Started!! Stop waiting for change to happen and take control of your future with support, accountability and fun! 

(If there isn’t a time that works for your time zone, please email [email protected] and we can arrange a time that suits.)

Reclaim your value and self worth today!

Kimberly - Bloxham, UK

I knew I wanted to make change but I didn't know how to go about it or indeed what actually needed to change. Working with Ellie has been the single most important thing I have ever done. She has helped and guided me to look at things I hadn't been seeing, set and work towards achievable and meaningful goals and just be a fantastic listener.



Ellie Bell is a certified life coach who uses her intuition to empower and support women to build unshakable confidence in themselves.

She works with successful heart-centered women to navigate their journey of self-discovery; her approach incorporates her coaching skills, shadow work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Breath Work and other healing modalities.

She believes that in order to find wholeness, there needs to be an acknowledgment of the parts of us that are not deemed acceptable by society; there needs to be a willingness to uncover the wounds and scars we gain during life; to understand the impact they have on our sense of being, and the opportunities that open up when you're ready to up-level your life.

Ellie had a successful career in sports administration for over 12 years which included roles such as head of marketing and comms and event director at Cricket World Cup. She's originally from the UK and moved to New Zealand in 2013 for her role with CWC15 where she met her now-husband. Much of the work she does today is inspired by her wish to create a better world for her two daughters.

Ellie works with clients to help them stop looking for external validation and understand that they have all they need within themselves.


Melanie - Wellington, NZ

Ellie Bell you are a superstar! You listen and offer great support on how to deal with many situations. The skills you have introduced into my life have been making a huge impact  and I can't wait to master them.

Ellie is extremely personable and connects so well with clients offering achievable results.