Shifting the paradigm of leadership to better suit the world we want to exist. 


Empowered conscious leaders are confident, courageous, compassionate and lead with total trust in their own wisdom. 

They embrace the power of collaboration and connection, bringing forward the best of themselves at all times, and empowering others to do the same.

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There are countless benefits to an organisation creating a culture of empowered conscious leadership.


Empowered conscious leaders:

  • Are adaptable, agile and respond faster to situations, increasing organisational ability to navigate change.
  • Attract, hire and inspire great people, making their organisation an employer of choice.
  • Demonstrate effective, compassionate leadership, which is an investment that reaps financial return and better results throughout the whole organisation.
  • Are better able to navigate challenging situations by having deep trust in their abilities and experience See different perspectives and articulate their points of view creating a more open and collaborative approach to change
  • Are compassionate and understanding towards colleagues, fostering resilience through a more inclusive environment

Introduction to Empowered Leadership Program

A four week course to learn the basics of empowered conscious leadership so that you can start to lead from a place of authentic power.

 Over the four weeks we explore the following: 

Awareness - What is empowered conscious leadership? Learn the components that make up this style of leadership and how you currently relate to them

Consciousness - How empowered conscious leadership can help you be a better leader by connecting with your values and natural leadership traits. 

Transformation - What needs to change to trust yourself fully and allow you to stand firm in your authentic power and speak up.

Empowerment - Planning for success, how to continue to grow even when there are challenges and be more resilient.

 By attending this course you will:

  • Feel more confident to express your thoughts and decisions with others without the worry of what people will think
  • Understand the difference between healthy and toxic leadership traits and how they show up for you.
  • Find balance between masculine and feminine leadership behaviours
  • Develop more constructive and conscious communication skills
  • Stop feeling threatened or triggered by conflict and become more open and receptive to new ideas 

Each week there will be a 90 minute training either in person on site or via zoom depending on your preference. (This program is also available as a one-day workshop)

Max number of attendees: 12

Investment: $550 NZD per person + GST for NZ Clients

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 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring 

If you are looking to fast track your leadership to the next level, the speed of transformation for both individuals and organisations increases dramatically when leaders are coached 1:1

This is for you if are ready to:

  • Learn to identify and set healthy boundaries that you have total confidence in holding firm.
  • Tune into and learn to trust your intuition to build unshakable faith that you have the answers you need within, and to stop looking externally for validation.
  • Connect with and understand your feelings and emotions so you can learn to use them in a positive way to support your growth and day-to-day mental wellness.
  • Uncover your deep-rooted fears and shadow aspects in a safe and loving space so that you can start to release and heal them
  • Dive into and explore your beliefs and conditioning that influence you and make a conscious choice to let go of the ones that don't serve you.
  • Feel confident in knowing and sharing what is true for you.

1:1 Coaching will benefit your leadership because you will:

  • Feel more confident to express your thoughts and decisions with others without the worry of what people will think
  • Have a space to explore and test your truth and feel braver about sharing them in the workplace
  • Become more comfortable with discomfort, find what you know that you stand for and be prepared to stand for it, even when challenged 

Two 60 min executive coaching and mentoring sessions each month for a minimum of four months

Investment: $1,150 NZD a month + GST (for NZ based clients) 

This is for me!

Ellie Bell is a certified life coach who supports women to build unshakable confidence and feel empowered in how they show up in their work and at home.

She works with successful women in leadership to navigate their journey of self-discovery. Her approach incorporates her coaching skills, shadow work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Breath Work, and connection to feelings.

She believes that in order to lead others successfully, women need to be comfortable accessing their wisdom and know what they are willing to stand for.

After years of working in sports administration and major events, Ellie understands the challenges with finding a leadership style that feels authentic and empowering for women. 

She believes that leadership requires bravery and courage to embrace the whole self and not just traits that are valued by society.

Women have a natural ability to access connection, collaboration, and enhance the self worth of others and Ellies work is deeply motivated by a desire to help more women do this.

Ellie had a successful career in sports administration for over 12 years which included roles such as head of marketing and comms and event director at Cricket World Cup. She's originally from the UK and moved to New Zealand in 2013 for her role with Cricket World Cup15 where she met her now-husband. Much of the work she does today is inspired by her wish to create a better world for her two daughters.

Ellie works with clients to help them stop looking for external validation and understand that they have all they need within themselves.

+ 64 27 518 6232

Empowered Conscious Leadership is a sub division of Awakening the Wise Woman. For more information about the work of AtWW click HERE