Private 1:1 Coaching Opportunity

SHE is Empowered

90 Day Program

Have total confidence in knowing what it is you really want from life, clarity on the pathway to it, and the courage to take steps along that pathway

This could look like:

Financial abundance

A new/changed career path

Confidence in all aspects of your life

Being a better partner/ parent/ friend/ colleague/ lover

Finding more success in your business

How we get results:

Understanding ourselves on a deeper level is important, so we provide a brief overview of your astrological chart and human design in your onboarding session.

Together, we create a personalised plan for 90 days with one area of focus for the program duration. 

We work through Self Mastery, Healing, and Expansion inside that plan, getting you faster, more sustainable transformation, using our unique, collaborative SHE process.

Self Mastery

Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself with regard to the specific area we are working in, including what’s holding you back, what your true desire is, and how conditioning has impacted you


Using the Self Mastery signposts uncovered, we dive into healing the spiritual being using tools such as energetics, ancestral work, and past life work, and reprogram the subconscious


Creating meaningful progress in the area of life that you want to focus on, through forming a deeper connection between your human self, your spiritual self, and your spiritual support, and creating a personalised strategy that you can implement to move forward with clarity and confidence


Work through our SHE framework over 90 days, so that you are empowered through transformation. Dive into Self Mastery with Ellie, embrace Healing with Erin, and experience Expansion as you learn how to use nature's cycles, trust your intuition, understand yourself at the deepest levels, and learn how to balance your energy.

You will gain access to:

  •  A 30min Onboarding Session
  •  A Personalised 90 Day SHE is Empowered Plan
  •  Two 60min Self Mastery Sessions
  •  Two 60min Healing Sessions
  •  Two 60min Expansion Sessions
  •  Weekly Accountability check-ins
  •  Email, Messenger and Voxer support for 90 Days

Meet Your Mentors

We are Ellie Bell, Empowerment Coach, and Erin Hodgson, Intuitive Healer, cofounders of Awakening the Wise Woman, where we empower women to be braver, bolder, and bigger in all aspects of their lives.

We believe at the core of our souls that we are here to lead the movement that dismantles the patriarchal systems that have held society back, that have silenced women, kept them small and prevented them from speaking their truth.

We are here to show women how to do the work that heals all of the wounds those systems have created, call on their community, and to take collective action to return to the balance of sacred feminine and masculine that is necessary for our society to thrive.

We are so happy to welcome you here.

Ellie Bell

Mentor & Co-founder

A qualified intuitive and empowerment coach, Ellie supports women to find and connect to their inner voice so they can show up authentically at home and in work and business.

She will help you to learn to use your divine feminine power to create and inspire.

Ellie believes in the power of confident, truth-knowing, and empowered women leveraging their voices to become courageous warrior women.

Ellie is originally from the UK, now living in Lincoln, near Christchurch, New Zealand.

Erin Hodgson

Mentor & Co-founder

An intuitive healer and spiritual mentor who believes in the power of communing as a collective, exploring openly without limits, and connecting with ourselves, each other, and our spirituality to honour the awakening wise woman within and step powerfully into her energy.

Erin helps intuitive, heart-centred women find their voice, their truth, and their power.

She will help you heal the wounds you carry that come not just from this lifetime, but from past lifetimes, and those of your ancestors too.

Erin is a born and bred New Zealander, living a few hours south of Ellie, in Dunedin.