The ultimate act of self healing is hearing that whisper from your soul that asks for more...


and finally responding,

Let's Work Together!

Erin Hodgson - Spirituality and Self Worth Mentor, and Psychic Healer

What can we achieve?

  • See where your own behaviour is mirrored in that of the women in your ancestral lineage
  • Identify the thought patterns that keep you stuck, then reprogram your subconscious to let them go
  • Release the energy of your trauma so that you can feel activated in situations where you have been triggered in the past
  • Bring home your power so you can make decisions from a place of power and not question yourself anymore
  • Connect to your desires and intuitive guidance so you can create the life you want
  • Heal guilt and shame so you can stop people pleasing and put yourself first
  • Connect to your intuition and spiritual support so you have confidence in every move you make
  • Heal your self worth so you attract fulfilling relationships that allow you to give and receive in equal measure
  • Shut down the critical voices (your own and those of others) and receive loving guidance every day
  • Connect to your own truth so you stop worrying about what others think, especially those closest to you

Working together might look like:

Identifying and clearing energy within your body that is holding you stuck

Navigating a limiting belief or block with the support of psychic guidance

Reprogramming your subconscious so that you no longer stay quiet and small

Journeying with a spirit guide to a past life, the akashic records, or another space to seek guidance

Spending time connected with your ancestors identifying and healing generational patterns, ancestral trauma, and emotional inheritances that do not serve you

Why work with me?

I have spent almost my entire life trying to connect with who I really am. Thing is, I always thought I was meant for more, but the deafening sound of everyone else’s opinions made it hard for me to uncover what exactly that “more” was.

When I was a young child, I spent a lot of time with my Grandmothers, and older cousins. I struggled to find a place with my peers, so time with these older women gave me a sense of belonging I couldn’t access anywhere else. Except, well… I didn’t really belong there either.

As I got older, my identity became more challenging, for lots of reasons. There was nowhere that I seemed to fit, and the more I changed myself to fit in with the people around me, the less I felt like I fit inside myself. So I tried harder to make those around me happy.

Classic people-pleasing behaviour.

When I met my wife, moved away, married, and started our family, I finally felt like I was free to start exploring who I really am… but I had no idea where to start.

When I finally decided, at the age of 37, that it was time to do something about a lifetime of failure, feeling disconnected, and putting everyone else first, I hired a coach, and started exploring who I really am at my core.

When I stopped defining myself through my mental health challenges, my drug addiction, and my identity issues, I began to believe that I had a choice about who I became.

When I stopped believing that I was just the black sheep, a chronic underachiever, an ongoing disappointment to those I loved, I began to focus my energy on what I wanted to be, and the endless possibilities available to me.

When I closed the door on everyone else’s voices, and started listening to the loving, guiding intuitive voice within, I began to stand powerfully in my own story, and take the lead on my pathway forward.

I went on a journey to find the answer and in the process, I found myself.

I am my own truth.

My journey has led me to my psychic mediumship gifts, and a deep connectedness with my ancestors.

It has led me to nurture the healing light within, and to share that with others.

It has created opportunities to reconnect with the awakened feminine, and support others in doing so as well.

What I have learned along my own journey is that there will always be moments where we falter, step back into old patterns, or allow ourselves to feel stuck and stay small. The key is to make those moments as short, infrequent, and insignificant as possible.

We always have a choice. We get to choose what we accept as our truth. We can choose how we carry that truth out into the world, who we share it with, and when we speak a little louder.

If you have arrived at this space, perhaps your intuition is asking if you are ready to choose you. 

When the answer to that question is yes, I would love to support you on your own journey.

The next step is getting on a call so I can meet you where you are, and we can explore where you want to be.

Say YES to Choosing YOU!

Let's talk about your healing journey