Grief is the most human of emotions,
and the most painful.

Everybody grieves.

We grieve because we have experienced loss. Grief is an emotional symptom of loss, but we feel grief on every single level.

Emotional. Mental. Spiritual. Physical.

The challenge is how we meaningfully engage with the world when we are deeply mired in the act of grieving.

That's where I can help. 

Let's talk

Whatever your own personal journey with grief, there is power in knowing you are not alone.


Experiencing grief can feel like walking alone into a dark room.
It can feel too scary to turn the light on and expose everything inside it. 

But walking into a dark room with only a small beam of light leaves us open to missing something important.
Walking right past something we need. Stumbling over something we didn't see.

Working alongside someone to gently unpack and explore your grief allows more light into that dark room.


When we are able to turn the light on inside our grief, we quickly find that grief looks and feels a lot like love.


When we work together, I stand in that room with you, and together we unpack your grief.
We spend time with it, exploring whatever feels meaningful to you.


Together we work through the healing necessary for you to find the courage to light the room again.


1:1 Grief Coaching  

When you have experienced loss, and are struggling to manage your sense of grief, seeking support from someone who can work through that with you might feel a bit vulnerable.

1:1 Grief support is for you if are ready to:

  • Allow your grief to come forward, not knowing what that looks like, but knowing you're supported as it happens
  • Stop feeling so broken, heavy, and stuck in your grief
  • Have confidence in your ability to do simple things without the fear of breaking apart
  • Find a way to move forward with your life knowing that your grief is an important part of your story, but that you control the narrative

1:1 Grief Coaching with Erin will help because you will:

  • Process and heal the other emotions that hold you stuck, such as guilt, anger, and shame
  • Have a space to explore all aspects of your grief, your experience of loss, and how you wish to carry that forward
  • Work through not just the emotional impact of grief, but also the energetic impact of losing someone you love
  • Access healing across all aspects of your grief so that you are empowered to move forward in your journey

Three hours of 1:1 support each month (2 x 90 minute or 4 x 45 minute sessions) for a minimum of three months, with access to support between sessions via WhatsApp

Investment: From £500 a month

I'm ready for things to change

Erin Hodgson is a psychic medium and intuitive healer who specialises in working with grief. 

Erin has a long personal history with grief, both her own and that of those around her. Through her own healing journey she has learned that grief is something we must learn to live with, move with, and find peace with. Recognising that one of the reasons she struggled with grief so much was because of the way society had taught her to hide it away, Erin is a passionate advocate for openly acknowledging our grief, collectively and as individuals.

Since discovering her psychic medium gifts in her late 30's, Erin has found that her capacity to hold space for the women she works with is deeply enhanced through having a foot in each world, the human and the spiritual, and providing connection with loved ones in spirit as part of the grieving process. She uses a number of modalities and tools to provide a safe, compassionate, and loving space for women to grieve and heal.



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