Guest Episode: Redefining Success - Shawnee Harle and winning from within

Season #1

"MANY of my clients are young, female athletes and their mom and I'm passionate about that because girls drop out of sport at 6X the rate of boys. I'm teaching them to face 3 F words: FAKE, FEAR, FEEL. Sport teaches us to "FAKE it till you make it" which means avoid your FEAR and hide how you FEEL. I think that's ridiculous! How in the world are we supposed become emotionally intelligent when we are faking, avoiding and hiding?? I'm also helping moms see how they unintentionally put their fears onto their kids which really hinders them in sport (and life). It's time to shift from fear to FIERCE!!"

Some time ago, we were fortunate to sit with Shawnee Harle and hear how her work with young athletes is changing their lives, and the lives of their parents, through greater emotional intelligence and embracing courage and confidence. This conversation is one of our favourites since we started recording SHE is Wise, and Shawnee embodies our message and mission perfectly.

Enjoy the conversation!

About Shawnee Harle:

I'm a two Olympian and a Mental Toughness Coach. I teach people to Win from Within so they show up with courage and confidence when it matters most.

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