Episode 24: How to make your mid-life crisis a mid-life course correction

Season #1

There's always that sort of stereotypical middle aged male having a midlife crisis and he goes and buys a red sports car and dates a secretary for a while. For women, it's a little bit more complex, because I think we're only just realizing now and there's a rising consciousness around this, that acknowledging that we are feeling discomfort or acknowledging that we are not 100% happy, even if we have access to joy, is actually perfectly okay.

Feeling like you are having some kind of mid-life crisis is not something most of us will admit to... but many of us will experience some kind of crumbling, awakening, shifting sense of who we are and what we are here for, somewhere in our late 30's to early 50's.

Join us for a conversation about how crisis can become course correction and why we need to be acknowledging this more, for ourselves AND those around us.

If you have been feeling like you are heading for a course correction, whether you're in the space of discomfort, or full blown crumbling... we would love to invite you to our Cycle of Self program. A self-directed online program, Cycle of Self is a combination of video content, meditations, and workbooks that will help you move from awareness that something is rising within you, to growing into the next level of who you are.