Episode 27: Toxic positivity, spiritual gaslighting, and why it's okay not to be okay

Season #1

There's a lot of people out in the mainstream spiritual space, the people who have laid the groundwork for spiritual conversation, and who have gone forward and provided all of their wisdom and knowledge, who have then gone and almost made it impossible for us to admit that we are human. 

Because we are human, shit happens. All the time. And life happens. 

We can sometimes get stuck in this space of having to be grateful, and raise our vibration, and all of those kinds of things. 

Fuck that. Sometimes, I just want to be angry.

This week, Erin gets a wee bit soapbox-y about toxic positivity, spiritual gaslighting, and why admitting that you're not okay, is perfectly okay.

Have you ever felt like spirituality makes it hard to admit you're not okay? Send us an email at [email protected] - would love to hear about your experiences!!