SHE Awakens

A 12 month journey to learn who you really are, heal who you have been, and grow into who you were born to be.


This program is for the modern wise woman who is ready to let go of the expectations of others, and embrace the Goddess mindset necessary for her to create her legacy.

Does this sound like you?

When you introduce yourself, you’re someone’s wife, parent, daughter, sister, colleague, friend… and YOU'RE NOT EVEN SURE WHO YOU ARE without those labels anymore.

You fill every waking moment (and there are so many more of those than there should be) doing things that KEEP ALL THE BALLS YOU'RE JUGGLING IN THE AIR… and you don’t know what it even feels like to just be.

PRIORITISING YOURSELF FEELS SELFISH AND UNCOMFORTABLE, but some days you feel like you’re only just hanging on and others you’re running on autopilot.

You’ve spent your entire life being the good girl, the daughter who sits quietly and politely, the student who works hard and doesn’t make a fuss, the employee who stays late and never misses a deadline, the wife who keeps the house tidy and the children clean… and all of it leaves you with A SENSE THAT THERE IS SUPPOSED TO BE MORE, BUT YOU'RE NOT SURE WHAT THAT IS.

If so, then I'll bet this also sounds like you

You stopped asking for more for yourself a long time ago, and PROBABLY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU REALLY WANT anymore.

Even when you find yourself with time for yourself, you spend most of it TRYING TO WORK OUT WHAT TO DO, and end up doing nothing meaningful.

YOU'RE AWARE THAT THE WORLD IS CHANGING, that there is a shift in the consciousness around spirituality, manifestation, and mindset, but YOU'RE NOT REALLY SURE WHERE TO START exploring that for yourself beyond insight timer, oracle cards, and Rebecca Campbell’s latest book.

You have A GROWING SENSE OF KNOWING THAT YOU ARE MORE than what other people see, that you are capable of more than you ever dreamed possible, and that you are actually worthy of going after what you want… if you could just get clear on what that is.

Have the courage to be the woman you know

you were born to be

Are you ready to:

  • FEEL EMPOWERED AND CONFIDENT in who you are, what you stand for and how you show up in life
  • HAVE MORE SUCCESS IN YOUR BUSINESS than you could have dreamed of
  • FEEL DEEPLY CONNECTED to the universe, tune into your natural cycles 
  • EMBRACE YOUR SPIRITUAL SELF, listen to your intuition, know your purpose and what you have come here to learn 

The solution to the problem

You’ve invested in the ‘Do it Yourself’ methods

Read the books, listened to the podcasts, bought the self-study programs but none of it has achieved real, meaningful change.

What you need is the ‘Done with you Method’

Get full support, hand-holding when necessary, accountability to stay on track when it gets hard and a community of like-minded women on a similar journey to provide the reminder that you’re not on your own.

Being a part of SHE Awakens means you are opening up to the possibility that what you secretly dream about can become your reality. 

As you learn to know yourself more deeply, identify the worries, blocks and attachments that have been stopping you from showing up as the real you, you will be able to start to fulfil the dreams you have put on hold or believed weren’t possible for you.

We know that in order to make lasting and meaningful change we have to become open to and skilled in new ways of thinking and this takes ongoing practice. 

SHE Awakens ensures that you regularly repeat the Self Mastery, Healing and Expansion process so that it becomes second nature to question, release and grow in every part of your life.

We have identified the six areas of focus we know will have the greatest impact on your life so that you are able to show up for the people you love in the way they deserve

Six Key Areas of Exploration

We explore each of these areas of life twice a year, engaging with universal energies that support a deeper understanding and a more holistic approach through self mastery, healing, and expansion.


Whether you have your own business or have built a successful corporate career, what we do in this space impacts us significantly. Gaining a deeper understanding of how work affects you and being willing to uncover where you would like it to go can help you to ensure that the area you spend much of your time in provides you with maximum satisfaction.


As women, our relationship with ourselves is fundamental to being able to make meaningful transformation in our lives and meaningful change in the world. We need to understand why we are the way we are, where that comes from and what we are here to learn in this lifetime. So much of this can be answered when we are able to use our astrological chart, human design chart, and numerology to decipher a deeper knowing of who we are and why we are here.


Often the biggest factor in how we show up in the world, whether it’s learning to step out of the shadows of those we love, learning how to engage more powerfully with others through better boundaries and more positive energy, or healing the mother wound for ourselves, our ancestors, and our children, we know that having a safe space to do this work is vital.


Everyone has an interesting relationship with money, often stemming from their upbringing and their parents. Going through the process of uncovering money beliefs and blocks and working through what is true for you allows you to change how you feel about it and welcome more into your life without hesitation.


Living in alignment with natural cycles, whether menstrual, lunar, seasonal or yearly, can have profound impacts on the way we connect with the world outside of ourselves. Understanding the influence of the natural world, the energies that surround us, and how we engage with them in meaningful and constructive ways is a life changing practice.


Learning to connect to our inner wisdom, intuition, and our spiritual support is a key part of the modern wise woman’s journey. Learning to trust that inner knowing and the feelings you have can be challenging without support. Knowing this can be a problem, we provide a safe, supportive space to learn and practice these skills.

SHE Awakens

Do you really want to look back on your life and see how wonderful it could have been had you not been afraid to live it?

- Caroline Myss


How it works

We will support you to trust and believe that anything is possible with our Self Mastery, Healing and Expansion process

Self Mastery

Delve into what's been holding you back, understand the parts of you you’ve kept hidden and find the power in knowing your whole self.


Explore your woundedness, release and forgive what is no longer serving you and what isn't yours, and embrace radical self-acceptance and self-compassion.


Feel empowered and confident to use the space created by the first two steps to access your insights, ideas and intuition to grow and expand into the woman you know you are meant to be.

What’s going to change?

Self-development isn't a one-and-done process. For every layer we remove, there is another layer that needs working on. That’s why we spend 12 months together inside SHE Awakens. 

You will get life-changing growth and transformation, through repeating the process of self-mastery, healing, and expansion, over and over again. 

The result? You will have a deeper understanding of who you are, a greater sense of self-acceptance, and feel empowered to be the woman you were meant to be - the woman your children need you to be.

Types of training 

The combination of a full training hub with bitesize videos and audio to support your growth. Dive into what is coming up for you at any one time or follow it month by month.

We use the energies of each astrological sign to guide the content package for each month so you can learn how that impacts you as well as how to harness aspects of it for your growth.

Group calls will allow you to connect with your fellow members and share your experiences with others, we often don’t know what we don’t know and with the weekly sessions it opens the opportunity to learn from others and deepen your transformation


What's Included?

SHE Awakens Hub/Portal  (Value $5,400)

  • Complete training system to take you through the SHE Process in the 6 key areas:
    • Money
    • Work
    • Relationships
    • Self
    • Spirituality
    • Universe
  • Goddess Mindset Concepts
  • Techniques to know yourself fully
  • Tools to integrate your learnings
  • Meditations 
  • Access to replays/call recordings


The Group Calls (Value $16,800)

  • Weekly group call with varying focus
    • Bi weekly coaching and mentoring calls based on the specific theme of the month
    • Opportunity for hot seat coaching to get personalised feedback
    • Expansion sessions using lunar energies to harness the power of manifestation and release 

The Private Community  (Value $3300)

  • Private facebook community for members of the program to connect and support each other
  • Regular pop ins from Ellie and Erin 

The team 

  • Ellie Bell - Empowerment Coach
  • Erin Hodgson - Intuitive Spiritual Healer

Standard Package Total Value - $25,500

Standard Package Total Value - $25,500

Special Launch PIF Pricing - $10,000 (Usual price $12,000)

12 Month Payment Plans available


Want more personalised support?

Try a VIP package!



1:1 Support  Gold (Value $2,000) - Quarterly 60 minute 1-1 Sessions with either Ellie or Erin depending on the support required

Personal Mentor  (Value $6,000)

  • Access to a personal mentor who will provide weekly accountability check ins
  • Your go to person with any questions about where to find information 

GOLD Package Total Value - $33,500


Launch PIF Pricing - $12,000 (Usual price $15,000)

12 Month Payment Plans available



1:1 Support Platinum (Value $6,000) - Monthly 60 minute 1-1 sessions with either Ellie or Erin depending on the support required

Personal Mentor  (Value $6,000)

  • Access to a personal mentor who will provide weekly accountability check ins
  • Your go to person with any questions about where to find information  

PLATINUM Package Total Value - $37,500


Launch PIF Pricing - $15,000 (Usual price $18,000)

12 Month Payment Plans available


How we set you up for success!

60 min activation session with your mentor

Personalised 90 day plan to make sure you start the year making meaningful progress

What makes us different?

We are two women with vastly different skills and experiences, with a common goal of providing the deepest possible transformation for the women we work with.

This transformation happens by working through the impact of our human experiences in this life and using our spiritual self to heal and release what no longer serves us. The balance of these two energies allows for life changing impacts in all aspects of life.

Ellie Bell

I always had a feeling I was avoiding something but in the midst of working hard, partying harder and just getting through life in my 20’s I didn’t give it the thought the space it needed. I was on a mission to not think about a whole heap of things and deep down I’m pretty sure I knew that once I opened that box I wasn’t going to be able to shut it.

Fast forward to 2011 and it all came to a head, I’d moved out of London and was commuting for 4 hours a day into my work and I hit my lowest point, I held up a mirror and did not know or like the person looking back at me. I knew it was time to make changes but in all honesty I had no idea where to start or what to do.

Lucky for me my mum had a great friend who was a crystal healer and spiritual pastor who was willing to spend some time with me. It was the first time I had ever even considered ‘getting help’ but it was without a doubt the moment everything changed.

It was the start of my awakening, in a spiritual way but also in a human way, I started to work through the things I’d been desperately avoiding, it was hard, it was painful and some days I wished I hadn’t opened the box, but now, 10 years later, it was absolutely the right thing to do.

I’ve made some pretty monumental changes in the last 10 years and each time it has happened after I’ve gone deeper into understanding who I am and how I want to show up. I’ve moved across the world, I’ve changed careers, I’ve built up a business, I’ve got married, I’ve had children, it’s been huge and I can tell you with my hand on my heart, if you had asked the Ellie standing on the platform at St Pancras train station nearly 11 years ago that this is where I would be and how I would feel, I would have told you you’re mad. 

I share all this because I want you to know that anything is possible, if you are willing to look deeper, ask the questions, heal the hurt, you can have the life you dream of, even if you don’t know what that looks like at the moment.

Erin Hodgson

For almost 38 years of my life, I had little awareness of the importance of spirituality, engaging with the natural world, and embracing the feminine and elemental energies inside me.

At 38, my spiritual awakening was long overdue, yet very unexpected. Until that point, I believed that intellect, action, and power were the keys to success. I had spent years striving, failing, pushing for more, and finding myself increasingly unsatisfied by any of it.

When I discovered the power of understanding that I am a spiritual being, having a human experience, and that everything is energy, I began to realise just how little I actually knew of myself and who I am at my core.

The more I delved into that awareness and started to explore what it looked like for me, the more I felt a growing sense of ease and calm, at a deep soul level. I began to connect with my intuition, with spirit, with the energies that allow me to co-create a different reality for myself. I learned about healing through working with ancestors, past lives, akashic records, body testing, and more. I learned how to expand and grow through embracing my connection to natural cycles, the four elements of fire, earth, air, and water, and the sacred feminine.

While learning more about who I am, as a spiritual being, I have spent hours unpacking my belief systems, the learned behaviours and programs that come from generations of women being undervalued and held back, from a society that heavily favours the masculine, from oppressive systems designed by men to ensure a society that thrives upon power, inequality, and competition.

As I navigated the necessary healing and releasing of some of those wounds, I found myself in a position of true power, internal power, with the capacity to share my new truth with others and, in turn, encourage them to engage their curiosity and find their own truth.

What we stand for

We believe that it is time for the modern wise woman to step forward and change the world.

Stepping out of the shadows of those who have held her small, being brave enough to stand up and share her truth, asking for what she wants, holding space for herself, and knowing that she is deserving of all she desires, the modern wise woman stands firmly in her own power and co-creates her legacy with the Universe.

The legacy the world needs her to create.

The legacy she was born for.


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