Spiritual Foundations 


A Self Study Program


A course designed to provide the opportunity to explore and learn about different aspects of spirituality.


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Have you got a set of oracle cards sitting on the shelf getting dusty?

Do you have a spell book, astrological chart or a book about moon cycles that you haven’t got round to using (or even understanding)?

Perhaps you have a couple of crystals on your desk, but no idea how to use them effectively.

Maybe you have no idea what you want to try, or the idea of a regular meditation or journaling practice is appealing, but you have no idea how to explore that.

If there is a feeling in your bones that you are meant for more that you can’t shake but you don’t know where to start...

Spiritual Foundations is the program for you.

This program is an opportunity to learn more and engage with all the spiritual practices that have intrigued you but you’ve felt too nervous to try on your own. In the nine modules we will explore a variety of spiritual practices and tools that will allow you to tap into your intuition, seek the guidance you desire, and build a toolkit for yourself that you can trust every time.

 For those of you looking for a space to learn about an array of spiritual practices..... this is it.

At the end of this self-study course, you will feel confident in the practices you are drawn to and will have the courage to use them in your daily life.

What's Included:


  • Nine workshops, one for each module broken down into manageable sections, allowing you to work through the content at your own pace. (Value $2,250)
  • Nine workbooks with information and activities for you to practice your skills. (Value $450)

Investment $250


Module 1

Spiritual Practices

What is spiritual practice? Explore different aspects of spirituality and different tools you can use every day to become more grounded, more balanced, and better connected to your intuition and divine guidance.

Module 2


Understand what intuition really is and how to start using it in your daily life. We will discuss ways to grow your connection and how to practice and grow your ability.


Module 3

Spirit Guides and Beings

 Learn about the different types of spiritual beings and guides, and explore which guides might be present for you. This week, we will also do a live group meditation to connect to your spirit guides.

Module 4


Everything is energy, and this week we explore how to protect our energy, body test, and clear our energy so we are clear channels for the divine, and balanced, confident women in our daily lives.

Module 5

Divination Tools I

Learn about the Clairs and our internal divination tools.




Module 6

Divination Tools II

Explore the tools we can engage to help us channel and receive guidance. 

Including Oracle Card, pendulums etc.



Module 7

Spells and Rituals

Learn what a basic spell looks like, what resources you need to cast spells, and how to create your own ritual practice.

Understand the components to build a spell and when best to cast them.


Module 8

Moon and Manifestation


This week we explore the various phases of the moon, how the moon cycle affects us as women, and how to manifest using the energy of the moon. We will also commune in a new moon circle.

Understand how to use the cycles to manifest wishes

Module 9

Astrology and Human Design

This week we will explore your personal astrological and human design charts. Learn how to tap into who you are and how you are designed so that you can become the most fully aligned version of yourself.